Sylviane Gaussin’s work is focussed on the man’s place in society, in relation with others.

In her painting and sculptures, following her emotions, the ’human’ appears. She captures the sensations, the intensity and the splendour but also the decrepitude of it. She glances at the human being with all its contradictions. Each work is realized to touch the person who is watching it with its own projections, own feelings.

In her painting, the human figure mixes and superimposes with the background and they become one. The portrait, not being resemblant, expresses a state of mind.


She usually uses acrylic on canvas. She never sketches before starting a painting.
For sculpture she uses clay or plaster.


– Arts plastiques – St Luc, Brussels.
– Arts décoratifs – Institut Ste Marie, Brussels
– Regular courses (Painting) with the artists Fabrice Samyn, François  Jacobs and Ana Pentcheva
– Sculpture with the artist Guy Belhomme
– Graphic artist

– First prize “Art en vitrine” 2019 Woluwe St Pierre
– Selected “Prix des Arts 2017” (Sculpture) – Woluwe St Pierre
– Preselected Art Truc Troc 2014 – BOZAR Brussels

– API member (Art Perspective International)

Several exhibitions in Belgium